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Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream 4+1 Value Pack-Quasi-drug

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Notice Not to be used on facial area.
  • Why we‘re worth it!

    • Long-time favorites: Long-time sellers for over 10 years and boasting an accumulated sales of over 4.5 million units.

      Thorough hair-removal:  Contains hair-removing and hair-inhibiting substances

      Gentle on the skin : Contains 7 types of herbs and skin moisturizing substances

      Reliable and Safe :  Featured in medical journals and approved by dermatologists

      Suitable for all skin-types : Safe to use on sensitive skin and pubic areas.

  • Suitable for the whole family

    • Suitable for men

      Suitable for toddlers

      Suitable for teens

  • Hair Removal Cream

    • About how long does it take to show effect?
      It depends on the hairs quality and environment.
      Our Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is safe to be used on the bikini line. This is the ’V‘ shaped area in the pubic area. Refrain from using the product on the inner parts (vaginal area) or behind (anal area) that are lined with mucous membranes. This product contains Calcium Thioglycolate which is a hair-removal component that is recognized as a quasi-drug ingredient. This substance may cause inflammation when coming in contact with the sensitive mucous membranes. We at Suzuki Herb Lab want our customers to use our products at ease without having to experience skin problems, and therefore do not recommend the use of our products on the more sensitive parts of the pubic area (vaginal and anal).
      Does it work on dense unwanted hair and hard unwanted hair?
      It is effective on all types of unwanted hair.
      How often should I use it?
      Please use whenever the unwanted hairs bother you.
      I would like to let my child use it?
      Though the cream is gentle on the skin, on some rare occasions skin problems may occur.
      For children and persons with sensitive skin, please be sure to perform a patch test before using.
      Can I use during pregnancy?
      Please refrain from using during pregnancy and after childbirth as the skin is very delicate.To take care of unwanted hair while caring about skin condition, we recommend the Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion.
      Does it have an expiration date?
      It can be kept 3 years unopened. Once opened, please use as soon as possible and avoid humidity and high temperatures. If the preservation state is good, it can be kept for up to 6 months.
      Removing a large amount of unwanted hairs, will it not damage the skin?
      Because it uses “Calcium Thioglycollate” which takes care of unwanted hair while being gentle on the skin, you can use it without damaging your skin.
      I was not able to take care of unwanted hairs successfully…
      How to apply cream and application time is important. Did you put the cream thoroughly and evenly? Wait another 3 minutes then reapply the cream using the spatula. This way it will work all the way to the depths of the pores making unwanted hair removal easier.
      Can I use it in the bath?
      Yes. You can use it in the bath without problem. But, the effect may be diminished if used on wet skin, therefore please use when your skin is dry.
      Can I use skin toner after hair removal?
      Yes, we recommend that you do aftercare with skin toner after hair removal. Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is blended with beautification ingredients but the treated skin tends to be delicate. For those who are worried, we recommend that you apply after letting your skin rest. From the same series, use “Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion” for better effect.
      What areas can the hair-removal cream be used on?
      Underarms, back, arms, fingers, legs, bikini line Refrain from using on scalp, facial area and other delicate areas. If the cream comes in contact with the eye, nose or mouth, please wash it out immediately and speak to a medical specialist..
  • Quantity
Passed efficacy

evaluation tests!

Demo Video

Hair removal Demo Video

For sensitive skin

Remove hair without damaging your skin. And it’s pain-free!
Suitable for the bikini area. Get salon-like silky smooth skin.

Pain-free hair removal
for sensitive skin!
Achieve the perfect hair-free skin!

and Soy Milk
Hair Removal


Recommended for those who are worried about skin problems!
Easy unwanted hair removal in 5 minutes, even for bristly hair.

Try right now if you are one of the following:
Want to get smooth skin easily right now
Want to reduce the growth of unwanted hair without pain and skin problems
Want to maintain smooth skin after hair removal
Want to lessen the frequency of hair removal

Are you using waxes or razors for your hair removal at home? These may damage your skin and make the pores more visible. Many may think “I’m through! I can’t stand the pain and skin damage”. Sensitive skin sufferers may feel so even more.
Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream will solve such problems. It dissolves unwanted hair while not damaging the skin. Using the latest technology, this cream contains capsules including ingredients for hair removal and anti-skin damage. This dramatically improved the hair removal effect of the product and its gentleness to the skin.
Say good-bye to skin-damaging hair removal treatments and start using our Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream.

The secrets to salon like silky soft skin
  • Commonly used razors

    カミソリ処理後のイメージ Rough skin surface with blackheads remaining

    カミソリ処理後のイメージ The flat cut surface makes the hair look thicker and causes the skin to feel prickly

  • Hair removal cream

    パイナップル豆乳除毛クリーム処理後のイメージ Skin is smooth and soft even after hair removal

    パイナップル豆乳除毛クリーム処理後のイメージ The skin doesn't feel prickly because the tips of the hair is rounded by the cream

Wipe off, wash away and that’s all!


The longer you use Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream,
the easier it will get to remove your unwanted hair.
Give it a try and see the effects for yourself!

Words from the skin specialist

Why is hair removal cream
better than razors?

Many people experience irritated skin after shaving because the blade is applied directly on the skin surface. However, hair removal cream is less stressful to the skin because the ingredients work only on the unwanted hair. Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream contains natural ingredients that further reduces the stress on your skin. It is my wish that you take your initial step towards "making beautiful skin" by using this hair removal cream of uncompromising quality.

青山ビューテジオクリニック院長 桑原 忠義 先生

Dr. Tadayoshi KuwaharaHead of Aoyama Beautedio Clinic

Views from a popular beauty salon

I have treated over 1,000 customers and I am a regular user myself!

I often provide advice to busy customers who have no time going to beauty salons for hair removal.
As a beauty specialist, I recommend this cream to customers who want to achieve beauty salon results by easy skin care at home.
The cream removes away unwanted hair with lasting effects. If you keep using it, the frequency of the need to remove hair will be reduced.
This cream has very little odor and its natural ingredients are gentle to the skin, which makes people of various skin types repeatedly using it. Many of my customers start using this cream upon hearing good reviews from other customers.’
Ms. Okamoto has taken great interest in beauty since her youth and has tried a considerable number of cosmetics and beauty treatments. She entered the field of beauty business when she was 18 and started her own business at the age of 23. With her insightful views on beauty, she was quick to catch on the effectiveness of our Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion. She now owns several beauty salons in Tokyo.

エステティックサロンオーナー 岡本 知子 先生

Ms. Tomoko OkamotoOwner of a beauty salon

Thorough verificationLook at the difference!
Unwanted hair removal that results in outstanding beautiful skin!

Pineapple and
Soy Milk Hair
Removal Cream





Hair removal effectSkin conditionHair growth after treatment

Hair on the skin's surface is removed but the hair roots deep inside the pores remain

Smoothens the skin texture and makes the skin glow and bright.

Soft feeling of the skin continues retaining glow and moisture.

Hair is shaved away at the skin's surface and leaves black spots on the skin.

White powdery surface and the skin looks dry.

The shaved-away hair grows back and the skin feels rough.

Hair is removed from the root and the pores are cleared out.

Reddish swelling around the pores.

Ingrown hair beneath the skin, missing spots and unsuccessful hair removal make the skin bumpy.

Happens a lot!

I can't go out just after removing hair because of the red bumps all over the skin.

Happens a lot!

Shaving is easy to do but the pores become visible on the skin with rashes.

Happens a lot!

Am I the only one who feels extremely itchy when new hair starts growing after hair removal?

I want to try it! But ... is this hair removal cream suitable to for my skin?

1「How gentle is this Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Lotion on the skin?」
This cream contains "calcium thioglycollate" which is the gentlest ingredient for hair removal. We cooperated with a dermatology specialist and had samples tested a number of times by people who had experienced skin problems caused by razors, tweezers and other hair removal creams, and finally made a product that we felt "This is great!".
2「I think I'm removing hair less frequently than before…is it just my imagination?」
The soybean extract which is full of isoflavone, a beauty ingredient, works on unwanted hair, reducing the frequency of hair removal. No more prickly sensation and you’ll be wanting to show off your skin all year round.

*Itchy feeling may occur depending on your skin and health conditions. Be sure to do the patch test before using the product.

Ideal for those with sensitive skin! The carefully selected
7 herbal extracts
will prevent inflammation.

7 kinds of herb extracts are newly added for reducing irritation to the skin!
Plant-derived ingredients improve gentleness to the skin.
This hair removal cream is recommended for people
who are concerned about skin problems caused by hair removal creams.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory aims at providing products gentle on the skin and suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, we hear concerns of some of our customers, some of which have sensitive skin and hesitate to use hair removal cream. This is how we conceived the idea of making something that was suitable for everyone. Our desire led to this gentle-on-the-skin hair removal cream.

Contains 7 kinds of herb extract!

Significantly reduced the distinctive smell of hair removal creams!

  • Centella asiatica extractCentella asiatica extract
  • Scutellaria extractScutellaria extract
  • Polygonum cuspidatum extractPolygonum cuspidatum extract
  • Rosemary leaf extractRosemary leaf extract
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra extractGlycyrrhiza glabra extract
  • Camellia sinensis leaf extractCamellia sinensis leaf extract
  • Chamomilla recutita flower extractChamomilla recutita flower extract
Contains soybean extract that makes
the unwanted hair removal easier!

Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream contains soybean extract including isoflavone with 99.7% purity. Isoflavone, similar to estrogen that supports femininity, is a natural ingredient that removes unwanted hair. Your unwanted-hair removal gets easier and easier as you keep on using the cream.

New Formula!

Now with new improved ingredients!

Contains our very own ingredient Estroganon®, a soybean extract with the highest concentration ever developed by us.

Amazing Facts About Estroganon®

(1) 1.4 ~ 1.5 times the thickness of our current soybean extract

Soybean extract is hard to derive. But as a result of much research, we were finally able to derive soybean extract with the highest concentration ever developed by us.

(2) Improved permeation and higher capability to retain moist

The solvent derived has a high capability to retain moist and a very smooth texture.

(3) Extract derived to the very maximum

We derived the extract to the very maximum, which is one step short of any lees being derived.

3 best reasons why Pineapple
and Soy Milk Hair Removal
Cream has been chosen by customers

Best 3
  1. No.1 No skin problems
    after hair removal
    even for those with sensitive skin!
  2. No.2 My thick unwanted
    hair was completely removed!
  3. No.3 Pores and
    darkening of skin bother me no more!
*Darkness means blackheads or dirt on the skin
Voice of regular users
Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to a little girl. P.J.

I just received it today and i used it on my 6 year old daughter.
She was bullied in school because she had hair on her arms and shoulders and she felt embarrassed and self conscious about her body. She didn't like wearing short sleeves.
We just used your product and she was jumping in joy. It was the first time she has seen her arms without hair. Now she wants to wear short sleeves all the time, and its winter time.

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to a little girl.

No more skin problems or prickly sensation!
I always used razors while using Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion before, but since I started using Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream, I've had no skin problems or prickly sensation that I used to have when I was using razors. My skin is so smooth and soft that I can't stop using it♪ And my unwanted hair is gradually becoming invisible. It's full of benefits. Osaka Gacha 30s
My friends complimented my skin, saying "Your skin looks nice !" ♪
I'm so happy having my skin complimented by my friends since I started using the cream.
My skin is soft after using the cream and the cream doesn't smell bad. I'll keep on using it! I'm also thinking of using Pineapple Lotion, too! Thank you always. Yamanashi M.T
My pores and darkened skin cleared up beyond recognition!
I've been doing hair removal at home using razors and tweezers, and that resulted to severe open pores, blackheads and dark skin. But Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream made my skin brighter and brighter every time I use it! No more wearing jeans every day! Oita T.K. 45
My husband complimented on how white my skin looked!!
Akita Sato 40s
There's no itchy feeling I used to have when I was using razors for hair removal.
Above all, my skin now looks white and feels !! I find myself touching my skin.
Nagano M.H. 35
My skin feels nice and soft!
After using Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream, my skin became silky smooth and my children touch it saying, "Mom's skin feels nice".
My children didn't like me using razors and would say, "Mom's skin feels prickly", so I'm surprised and thankful to the cream. I’ll definitely keep on using it. Gifu M.W. 30s
I'm not afraid of summer coming anymore.
I'm so glad to get to have come across this hair removal cream!
Yamashi Suga 25
Now I can wear skirts without worrying about unwanted hair or rough skin!
Shizuoka Piece 30s
I could get rid of unwanted hair on my legs in one shave! A.M.

I could remove unwanted hair really nicely and my skin is free from blemishes. H.S.

*These are the impressions of users. Results may vary to each individual.

A hair removal cream suitable
for both sensitive skin and the bikini area.
No other cream has been formulated
with such care to make it super gentle on the skin.
Achieve perfect hair-free skin.

How to use Apply cream directly from the tube onto the area that you wish to remove hair from. Spread it evenly with the spatula and wait 5-10 minutes.
When the time is up, gently remove the cream with a tissue or towel. Wash off any left-over cream with soap.
※It will be difficult to achieve good results when the cream is used on wet skin, so make sure to apply it on dry skin.
Contents 230g (lasts for approx. 4 applications, when used on lower parts of both arms), spatula included.
Use on armpits, arms, legs, bikini-line

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Post date:2/08/2022 Tuesday

no more ingrown or irritation

perfect product for fine arm hair it diminished my KP and works on course lower leg hair as well. no more irritation breakouts or redness like i got from waxing!

Patricia Ballestar

Post date:12/03/2022 Saturday


Was amazed at how well it works. Put on granddaughters lega and arms because she was so embarrassed of the excessive hair she had.. Highly recommend.

Ninos Yalda

Post date:18/02/2022 Friday

Best product

I love this product , it’s awesome and leaves hair very smooth after use not harsh like other product that I used in the past , good on you guys and I’m very thankful that I found your website and doing all I can to remove all my stubborn unwanted hair for me and family , thank you again for this great product


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