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Natto Lotion for Face

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A highly-concentrated moisturizing lotion for the face. For self-moisturizing bouncy skin!

natto lotion face

Contains more polyglutamic acid (Moisturizing ingredient) than other existing natto lotions. Making your skin age-resistant.

The secret to the highly moisturizing “Natto Series“ is the ‘Polyglumatic acid‘ contained in natto. It has double the ability to retain moisture than hyaluronan, which is also a highly moisturizing substance. The lotion does not have the stickiness or distinct smell of natto.

natto soap

※‘Polyglumatic acid‘ :Moisturizing ingredient
※ Please refrain from using if it doesn't suit your skin.

All ingredients:Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, polyglutamic acid(Moisturizing ingredient), soybean seed extract, natto gum, soybean germ extract, methylparaben

Voice of regular users
I’m never letting go of them!
It has been 4-5 years since I started using your products, and I always make sure that I never run out of them. My favorite way to use these products is to use the Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion and the Natto Lotion in combination. I am free of skin problems and my skin feels so smooth. I probably will never be able to let go of these products. MH
After using the product for just a week, I already find that my makeup doesn't ruin!
It has been a week since I started using the Natto soap and the Natto Lotion for Face, and I am already amazed with the results! Since I have oily skin, I used to find that my makeup would be smudged by the evening, but since using these products, that doesn't seem to happen anymore. I will continue using them. Takahashi
I love how it moisturizes my skin, yet doesn't feel sticky!
The Natto Lotion for Face is amazing. It moisturizes, but doesn’t feel sticky. Since my workplace can get dry, I take some in a small bottle and apply it at my lunch break. I no longer need a foundation. S.O
*These are the impressions of users. Results may vary to each individual.

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