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Natto Lotion

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Moisurize your skin from tip to toe!

natto lotion

Tackles skin problems that increase with advancing age such as dry skin. Your skin will get softer and moisturized with each use!

natto lotion

The secret to the highly moisturizing “Natto Series“ is the ‘Polyglumatic acid contained in natto. It has double the ability to retain moisture than hyaluronan, which is also a highly moisturizing substance. The lotion does not have the stickiness or distinct smell of natto.

natto soap

※‘Polyglumatic acid‘ :Moisturizing ingredient
※Please refrain from using if it doesn't suit your skin.

All ingredients: Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, polyglutamic acid(Moisturizing ingredient) , soybean seed extract, natto gum, Hibiscus esculentus fruit extract, methylparaben

Voice of regular users
I have never been a fan of a single product for so long!
I have been a regular user of the Natto Soap and Lotion for years. My skin used to get very dry during the winter, but I no longer suffer from dry skin. It is the first time that I have continued using the same product for this long. K.K.
I finally found the perfect lotion!
When my son was around 12-15, his skin was pretty bad, so we tried various product and finally came across the Natto Lotion. My son is now in his 3rd year of high-school and he said that as long as he kept using the Natto Lotion, his skin will be fine, so I felt relieved. In this day and age where it’s not always easy to trust safety and authenticity, I feel like Suzuki Herb is reliable! I hope they will continue making trustworthy products. Handa
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Japanese Customer
Post date:
9/03/2021 Tuesday

The Natto Lotion is just what I was looking for

My son’s skin was at its worst around the age of 12-15, and with the hope to cure his skin I had tried various products and finally came across the Natto Lotion. My son is now in his 3rd grade of high school (18 y.o.) and said ‘I feel that as long as I keep using the Natto Lotion, my skin is going to be fine.’
In this day and age it is hard to know which products are trustworthy when it comes to safety and genuineness but I believe that Suzuki Herb are the real deal! I trust them and hope that they continue making trustworthy products.

K.K. 41y.o.
Post date:
9/03/2021 Tuesday

I’ve never been such a long-time user

I have been a regular user of the Natto Soap and Lotion for years. During the winter my skin would get very dry, but I no longer suffer from that. I have never been a loyal user of any other product like I have been for these.

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