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Pain-free hair removal
for sensitive skin!
Achieve the perfect hair-free skin!

and Soy Milk
Hair Removal


Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream, DIY hair-removal, quasi drug, body, bikini, sensitive skin, kids, pain and odor-free, made in Japan,100 g

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Notice Not to be used on facial area.
  • Why we‘re worth it!

    • Long-time favorites: Long-time sellers for over 10 years and boasting an accumulated sales of over 4.5 million units.

      Thorough hair-removal:  Contains hair-removing and hair-inhibiting substances

      Gentle on the skin : Contains 7 types of herbs and skin moisturizing substances

      Reliable and Safe :  Featured in medical journals and approved by dermatologists

      Suitable for all skin-types : Safe to use on sensitive skin and pubic areas.

Suitable for
  • Suitable for the whole family

    • Suitable for men

      Suitable for toddlers

      Suitable for teens

  • Hair Removal Cream

    • About how long does it take to show effect?
      It depends on the hairs quality and environment.
      Our Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is safe to be used on the bikini line. This is the ’V‘ shaped area in the pubic area. Refrain from using the product on the inner parts (vaginal area) or behind (anal area) that are lined with mucous membranes. This product contains Calcium Thioglycolate which is a hair-removal component that is recognized as a quasi-drug ingredient. This substance may cause inflammation when coming in contact with the sensitive mucous membranes. We at Suzuki Herb Lab want our customers to use our products at ease without having to experience skin problems, and therefore do not recommend the use of our products on the more sensitive parts of the pubic area (vaginal and anal).
      Does it work on dense unwanted hair and hard unwanted hair?
      It is effective on all types of unwanted hair.
      How often should I use it?
      Please use whenever the unwanted hairs bother you.
      I would like to let my child use it?
      Though the cream is gentle on the skin, on some rare occasions skin problems may occur.
      For children and persons with sensitive skin, please be sure to perform a patch test before using.
      Can I use during pregnancy?
      Please refrain from using during pregnancy and after childbirth as the skin is very delicate.To take care of unwanted hair while caring about skin condition, we recommend the Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion.
      Does it have an expiration date?
      It can be kept 3 years unopened. Once opened, please use as soon as possible and avoid humidity and high temperatures. If the preservation state is good, it can be kept for up to 6 months.
      Removing a large amount of unwanted hairs, will it not damage the skin?
      Because it uses “Calcium Thioglycollate” which takes care of unwanted hair while being gentle on the skin, you can use it without damaging your skin.
      I was not able to take care of unwanted hairs successfully…
      How to apply cream and application time is important. Did you put the cream thoroughly and evenly? Wait another 3 minutes then reapply the cream using the spatula. This way it will work all the way to the depths of the pores making unwanted hair removal easier.
      Can I use it in the bath?
      Yes. You can use it in the bath without problem. But, the effect may be diminished if used on wet skin, therefore please use when your skin is dry.
      Can I use skin toner after hair removal?
      Yes, we recommend that you do aftercare with skin toner after hair removal. Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is blended with beautification ingredients but the treated skin tends to be delicate. For those who are worried, we recommend that you apply after letting your skin rest. From the same series, use “Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion” for better effect.
      What areas can the hair-removal cream be used on?
      Underarms, back, arms, fingers, legs, bikini line Refrain from using on scalp, facial area and other delicate areas. If the cream comes in contact with the eye, nose or mouth, please wash it out immediately and speak to a medical specialist..
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  • Quantity
Passed efficacy

evaluation tests!

※It is a popular series product selling a cumulative total of more than 5.23 million.

What’s so special about our Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream?
1. It’s easy to use!

Simply apply, leave on for 5-10 minutes and wipe and wash off. No pain!

2. Suitable for sensitive skin and safe for kids.

Contains more than 20 natural ingredients. A hair-removal cream that is both effective and gentle on skin.
With ingredients that prevent inflammation, protecting the skin from damage.

3. It provides salon-like results

It contains moisturizing and skin-beautifying ingredients. Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

4. It will lessen the frequency of hair-removal.

Contains hair-inhibiting ingredients. If you keep using it, the frequency of the need to remove hair will be reduced.

Voice of regular users

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to a little girl. P.J.

I just received it today and i used it on my 6 year old daughter.
She was bullied in school because she had hair on her arms and shoulders and she felt embarrassed and self conscious about her body. She didn't like wearing short sleeves.
We just used your product and she was jumping in joy. It was the first time she has seen her arms without hair. Now she wants to wear short sleeves all the time, and its winter time.

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to a little girl.

No more skin problems or prickly sensation!
I always used razors while using Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion before, but since I started using Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream, I've had no skin problems or prickly sensation that I used to have when I was using razors. My skin is so smooth and soft that I can't stop using it♪ And my unwanted hair is gradually becoming invisible. It's full of benefits. Gacha 30s
My friends complimented my skin, saying "Your skin looks nice !" ♪
I'm so happy having my skin complimented by my friends since I started using the cream.
My skin is soft after using the cream and the cream doesn't smell bad. I'll keep on using it! I'm also thinking of using Pineapple Lotion, too! Thank you always. Yamanashi M.T
My pores and darkened skin cleared up beyond recognition!
I've been doing hair removal at home using razors and tweezers, and that resulted to severe open pores, blackheads and dark skin. But Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream made my skin brighter and brighter every time I use it! No more wearing jeans every day! Oita T.K. 45
My skin feels nice and soft!
After using Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream, my skin became silky smooth and my children touch it saying, "Mom's skin feels nice".
My children didn't like me using razors and would say, "Mom's skin feels prickly", so I'm surprised and thankful to the cream. I’ll definitely keep on using it.Gifu M.W. 30s
I could get rid of unwanted hair on my legs! A.M.

I could remove unwanted hair really nicely and my skin is free from blemishes.

*These are the impressions of users. Results may vary to each individual.

Demo Video

Hair removal Demo Video

Introduced by a popular YouTuber

Hair removal Demo Video

How to use

The longer you use Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream,
the easier it will get to remove your unwanted hair.
Give it a try and see the effects for yourself!

Words from the skin specialist

Why is hair removal cream
better than razors?

Many people experience irritated skin after shaving because the blade is applied directly on the skin surface. However, hair removal cream is less stressful to the skin because the ingredients work only on the unwanted hair. Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream contains natural ingredients that further reduces the stress on your skin. It is my wish that you take your initial step towards "making beautiful skin" by using this hair removal cream of uncompromising quality.

青山ビューテジオクリニック院長 桑原 忠義 先生

Dr. Tadayoshi KuwaharaHead of Aoyama Beautedio Clinic

Views from a popular beauty salon

I have treated over 1,000 customers and I am a regular user myself!

I often provide advice to busy customers who have no time going to beauty salons for hair removal.
As a beauty specialist, I recommend this cream to customers who want to achieve beauty salon results by easy skin care at home.
The cream removes away unwanted hair with lasting effects. If you keep using it, the frequency of the need to remove hair will be reduced.
This cream has very little odor and its natural ingredients are gentle to the skin, which makes people of various skin types repeatedly using it. Many of my customers start using this cream upon hearing good reviews from other customers.’
Ms. Okamoto has taken great interest in beauty since her youth and has tried a considerable number of cosmetics and beauty treatments. She entered the field of beauty business when she was 18 and started her own business at the age of 23. With her insightful views on beauty, she was quick to catch on the effectiveness of our Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion. She now owns several beauty salons in Tokyo.

エステティックサロンオーナー 岡本 知子 先生

Ms. Tomoko OkamotoOwner of a beauty salon

Thorough verificationLook at the difference!
Unwanted hair removal that results in outstanding beautiful skin!

Pineapple and
Soy Milk Hair
Removal Cream







Convenience and
duration of procedure
Hair removal effectSkin conditionHair growth after treatment

At home
Duration 5-10 mins

Skin is smooth and soft even after hair removal

Smoothens the skin texture and makes the skin glow and bright.

Soft feeling of the skin continues retaining glow and moisture.

At home

The flat cut surface makes the hair look thicker and causes the skin to feel prickly

White powdery surface and the skin looks dry.

The shaved-away hair grows back and the skin feels rough.

At home
Tiresome procedure

Not always able to pull hair out completely, causing breakage and ingrown hair.

Reddish swelling around the pores.

Ingrown hair beneath the skin, missing spots and unsuccessful hair removal make the skin bumpy.

Need to go to salon
Takes time and costly
Your hair must be at least 2mm long

Removes hair from pores

Skin can redden after procedure

The procedure can be burdensome on the skin. Maintenance is needed.

Possible problems that can occur with other
hair-removal procedures

「 can't go out just after removing hair because of the red bumps all over the skin.」
「Shaving is easy to do but the pores become visible on the skin with rashes.」
「Am I the only one who feels extremely itchy when new hair starts growing after hair removal?」

Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream
is a solution for all these problems!

Contains more than 20 natural ingredients that prevents skin damages,
inhibits the growth of unwanted hair and leads to beautiful skin
Ideal for those with sensitive skin! The carefully selected
will prevent inflammation.

7 kinds of herb extracts are newly added for reducing irritation to the skin!
Plant-derived ingredients improve gentleness to the skin.
This hair removal cream is recommended for people
who are concerned about skin problems caused by hair removal creams.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory aims at providing products gentle on the skin and suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, we hear concerns of some of our customers, some of which have sensitive skin and hesitate to use hair removal cream. This is how we conceived the idea of making something that was suitable for everyone. Our desire led to this gentle-on-the-skin hair removal cream.

  • Centella asiatica extractCentella asiatica extract
  • Scutellaria extractScutellaria extract
  • Polygonum cuspidatum extractPolygonum cuspidatum extract
  • Comfrey extractComfrey extract
  • Eriobotrya Japonica leaf extract
Eriobotrya Japonica leaf extract
  • Geranium robertianum
Geranium robertianum
  • Rosemary leaf extractRosemary leaf extract
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra extractGlycyrrhiza glabra extract
  • Camellia sinensis leaf extractCamellia sinensis leaf extract
  • Chamomilla recutita flower extractChamomilla recutita flower extract

  • soybeanSoybean extract
  • Sweet hydrangea leaf extract
Sweet hydrangea leaf extract
  • Belamcanda Chinensis RootBelamcanda Chinensis Root
Contains soybean extract that makes the unwanted hair removal easier!

Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream contains soybean extract including isoflavone with 99.7% purity. Isoflavone, similar to estrogen that supports femininity, is a natural ingredient that removes unwanted hair. Your unwanted-hair removal gets easier and easier as you keep on using the cream.

Sweet hydrangea leaf extract inhibits unwanted hair growth. Belamcanda Chinensis Root tackles coarse hair by working on the male hormones that cause unwanted hair to grow.

Moisturizing and skin-beautifying ingredients
Giving you moisturized and smooth skin just like you would from a salon treatment.

The whey, soybean milk culture filtrate and yuzu ceramide moisturizes the skin. Papain has natural peeling effects that helps lead to clear and smooth skin. Bilberry and pineapple ceramide add bounce to the skin.

  • WheyWhey
  • Soybean milk culture filtrateSoybean milk culture filtrate
  • Yuzu ceramideYuzu ceramide
  • Pineapple ceramidePineapple ceramide
  • BilberryBilberry
  • PapainPapain

A hair removal cream suitable
for both sensitive skin and the bikini area.
No other cream has been formulated
with such care to make it super gentle on the skin.
Achieve perfect hair-free skin.


Reviews on this item

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Post date:24/10/2021 Sunday

Pineapple and soy milk

Just started using it, second application and have experienced no irritation whatsoever, which is great! Usually I experience lots of irritation following shaving or waxing, but with this cream absolutely none. I love it, and its painless too!

Renzy Gervacio

Post date:14/04/2021 Wednesday

Pain-free Hair Removal

Bought this product a long time ago and finally decided to give it a try. At first I had doubts that it will work, but this product works like magic. I was able to remove thick hair from my legs in one try. Just put a thick layer of cream for guaranteed results. So far I'm loving the results and I will order some more.

Sonya Rio-Glick

Post date:3/04/2021 Saturday

Exactly what I need

I was hesitant to order because of the high price and shipping costs. However, they are worth every penny and I am a return customer- quick , easy, and effective after struggling to shave for years. In less than a half hour, I removed all hair on my legs and underarms with no mess, burning, or gross smell. Also a more environmentally conscious choice. Really cannot recommend enough.

donna rayburn

Post date:5/12/2020 Saturday

I love all products from Suzuki!

I originally wanted to order just the pineapple soy hair remover for my inner thighs. This is such a sensitive area since I have gotten older, a razor breaks me out so bad and leaves me with a very painful rash which is not attractive and other products would break me out and burn my skin. I instead ordered one of everything on their website. They are plant based. ❤️ I got the products beautifully packed , very quickly (1 or 2 days!) with thorough literature explaining how to use it and a conta


Post date:13/07/2020 Monday

Suzuki Herb Laboratory Hair Removal Cream

This product works very well and is great for sensitive skin. It is such a great option for those who do not like shaving or waxing due to their sensitive skin.

Thu Huynh

Post date:2/05/2020 Saturday

Works really well on removing hair!

this hair removal cream leave skin soft and smooth. I had used other hair removal cream and it burned my skin or irritated it very badly. With this hair removal cream I don't have that problem. Definitely use it again for my future, also the lotion has helped inhibited the grow of the hair

Ms. Chibichan

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

I finally found something that matches me!

【By Google Auto Translation】
After using the Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream for around half a year, I can say that I have finally found a product which matches me. I mainly use it on my armpits and legs, and I feel that it has made skincare easier for me. I am also curious about the concentrated solution and I would like to try it out next.

Ms. Shintaku

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

Recommended for those suffering from itchiness

【By Google Auto Translation】
When I first used the hair removal cream, I was troubled about the itchiness that I would get after use. Then by the third time, I did not use the spatula but rather paper tissues to gently remove it, and then cleaned my skin well with Pineapple Soy Milk Soap, which resulted in no itchiness afterward.

Ms. Naomi

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

You just can't stop touching this skin!

【By Google Auto Translation】
I hate the pungent smell typical of hair removal creams. What’s worse is they sometimes irritated my skin too. I tried the Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream and not only does it barely have any scent, but it also leaves my skin feeling pleasant after I rinsed it off. You just can't stop touching this skin! I immediately bulk-ordered it.

Ms. J.H

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

Striving for smooth skin.

【By Google Auto Translation】
The hair removal cream is wonderful! Possibly because of the characteristics of my hair, I used to have problems. But now, I feel no skin irritation and I can wear clothes immediately after using the cream. I am going to keep using it to get the smooth skin that I want. Up until now, I sometimes had problems with my skin.

Ms. K.T

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

I had my doubts, but I am happy I tried it.

【By Google Auto Translation】
The hair removal cream is really good. I was skeptic because of the many products which claim that all you need to do is to spread them on your skin, but I thought that Suzuki's product would deliver and I was pleasantly surprised! My skin feels completely different from when I am not using it.

Ms. J-H

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

The two of us will keep on using this product!

【By Google Auto Translation】
I used to worry about my dense excess hair but using the Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream removed a surprising amount of hair! I am also happy about how there is no itchiness after use which is something that I used to hate about hair removal creams.

Ms. K.T

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

Surprised by how moist and smooth my skin became

【By Google Auto Translation】
I originally bought the Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream for my daughter, but when I tried it out of curiosity, I found that using it made my skin as moist and smooth as using a beauty cream and I, therefore, decided to buy it again.

Ms. A.W

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

Worries turn into reasons for pride!

Since I was in school, I was always worried about being too hairy. Shaving with a razor would only make me worry about the increased thickness of the hair and would irritate my skin… However, I immediately understood the effects of hair removal cream and lotion as soon as I started using them. Hair becomes sparser (thinner) the more I use it, and my skin is smooth...

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

Ms. Ikeda

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

Hydrated and shiny!

【By Google Auto Translation】
"Gently" removing hair with the Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream → "Gently" moisturizing with the use of the lotion, making my arms and legs as hydrated and shiny as that of my delicate sixth-grader daughter.Thank you for making my skin so beautiful!

Japanese Customer#028

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

Easy and fast skincare

When exercising, one naturally wears light clothes and there are many occasions in which one has to expose skin. For example when changing into exercise clothes.
I also get complimented on the beauty of my skin and I am asked questions about my skincare routine. When I tell people that I do not go to an esthetician, but rather perform my skincare myself, they are surprised.
Skincare is still a part of my life, but being able to perform it quickly gives me more free time to enjoy my hobbies.

Japanese Customer#027

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

It really is a must-have!

At first, I used the "Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream" once a week. But now, I only use it once a month. I love how this cream, when compared to other hair removal creams, does not have a pungent odor. I am happy about being able to easily perform hair removal in my room. Furthermore, the delicate herb-based formula really matches my skin. Since I found out about this cream, I have not used other products. It really is a must-have!

Japanese Customer#026

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

For sensitive skin

As I have sensitive skin, I could not ever consider going to a hair removal salon. I also tried other hair removal creams but those sometimes caused me skin troubles.
While I was looking for a gentler solution for hair removal, I happened to come across the "Pineapple Soy Milk Lotion".
Reading the flyer assured me that even I, despite my sensitive skin, could use this product because of the carefully selected combination of skin-friendly ingredients and the particular generous use of herbs.


Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday


Everything I’ve tried until then had been mediocre, but all I can say about the Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is "impressive". It is perfect when used in conjunction with the Pineapple Soy Milk Lotion. I am impressed. I want to keep using it.

Yasuhiko Taki

Post date:11/06/2019 Tuesday

I have very sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin, because of which I cannot go to estheticians. But I still wanted to have beautiful skin, and so I went to great trouble finding a way to achieve it until I learned about the "Pineapple Soy Milk Line".

Japanese Customer#024

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

Thank you very much.

【By Google Auto Translation】
Now once every two weeks I started using this and It got more frequently .

Japanese Customer#023

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

There is no pain and its really good.

【By Google Auto Translation】
For a long time ago. Depilation cream caused me severe irritation and I stopped using it . But this cream is different. There is no irritation. There must be allergy atopic skin so as I after tried patch tester there was no problem and continue to use it. There was no bad sense. It is simple to use it .

Japanese Customer#022

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

It is easy and simple for your skin.

【By Google Auto Translation】
It is easy and simple for your skin. Applied it on the skin I really like it.

Japanese Customer#021

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

Now it allows to school girls use it regularly .

【By Google Auto Translation】
It is Libido. I bought it for my daughter which is school-girl. Now it allows to school girls use it regularly .

Japanese Customer#020

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

Wherever I use it realibly relieves me off my hair

【By Google Auto Translation】
3 bottles. Wherever I use it realibly relieves me off my hair.

Japanese Customer#019

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

We are very pleased of this product .

【By Google Auto Translation】
2 bottles I bought. Also I bought it for my daughter . We are very pleased of this product .

Japanese Customer#018

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

It can be taken well.

【By Google Auto Translation】
You can get it properly by using it as the manual. There is no problem with smell, pain, itching, etc. I bought this for my son (18 years old) this time, but I think this item has been available since I was young. I think that has been going on for a long time is the best proof of being a good product.

Japanese Customer#017

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

Easy made depilation.

【By Google Auto Translation】
My daughter will be a 2nd grade student soon. When it gets warmer, she hates fabric with short sleeves. As friends talk about hair, she also wanted to shave them. Seeing the different products I bought this one It would be better if there was no smell in it. When you pull it out, it smells. There was no annoyance, I think it was easy.

Japanese Customer#016

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

I am satisfied.

【By Google Auto Translation】
I was looking forward using this one and I tried it. There was an effect. Hair become smoother it was interesting If it is lost, there will be a lipie purchase.

Japanese Customer#015

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

Smooth skin .

【By Google Auto Translation】
He smelled like a perm fluid. It was good to have smooth skin instead of shaving .

Japanese Customer#014

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

Better than I thought.

【By Google Auto Translation】
As it was my first purchase there was a fair and doubtful effect from this cream. I want to use it again to remove all my hair. I was worried about it because my skin was weak but this cream containe rice and bought it. I can not remove all my hair at once. As it said it removes your hair for a short time. It is number 1.

Japanese Customer#013

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

I was pretty satisfied.

【By Google Auto Translation】
I was pretty satisfied. My daughter asked me to buy this product . In truly I did not expect it removed all hair. I still use it only one time. It was funny that my daughter said to me that she can tuck up sleeves.

Japanese Customer#012

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

As I really wanted to remove hair from my I line.

【By Google Auto Translation】
As I really wanted to remove hair from my I line I bought this product. Commercially available creams for depilation has properties of having itches, pain for sensetive skin.

Japanese Customer#011

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

I wanted to repeat this produc.

【By Google Auto Translation】
Getting this one I immediately tried it. I was worrid about the irritation but it was all right. I feel that the hair I'm worried about has been improved! The smell is splendid. Growth was good, I wanted to repeat this product.

Japanese Customer#010

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

I am glad for this cream for summer!

【By Google Auto Translation】
I bought it because my friend advised me. I thought it would hurt, there was a description that the skin would get better but there was no unpleasant smell, and the skin was soft, even if it was applied to the skin, and it did not feel dry, so it was beautifully removed! I am glad for this cream for summer!

Japanese Customer#009

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

I do not worry about the smell, goodbye razor!

【By Google Auto Translation】
I tried a lot of hair removal creams, I also tried this one, my skin got better. In addition, I do not worry about the smell, goodbye razor!

Japanese Customer#008

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

I want to continue to use this cream!

【By Google Auto Translation】
I found what I was looking for a cream that will help to get rid of unwanted hair.I tried and was surprised. It was more than I expected because I didn’t think the skin would become so smooth, so light. Without pain after application, I am satisfied with my beautiful skin. I want to continue to use this cream!

Japanese Customer#007

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

My skin becomes smooth.

【By Google Auto Translation】
I have a lot of creams. I tried it for the first time. There is a real effect. My skin becomes smooth. I am pleased. My hands are getting smoother. I am very pleased.

Japanese Customer#006

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

I was really amazed.

【By Google Auto Translation】
This is my first time when I use hair removal cream. I was worried about my skin, which may be rough. Since that summer, when I tried, I was really amazed. Without pain.The hairs on my arms, of which I was worried, became beautiful. From this summer I want to try it on a shin.

Japanese Customer#005

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

It looks like you can get the effect you want.

【By Google Auto Translation】
This time I found the depilation cream that I was looking for, which was kind to my body, and immediately used it.

Japanese Customer#004

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

I tried it to apply it in Vline.

【By Google Auto Translation】
I tried it to apply it in Vline. There was no pain without any problem I got rid off from unwanted hair.

【Original text】

Japanese Customer#003

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

In addition, I bought three bottles.

【By Google Auto Translation】
Before I bought, my skin was very weak after I used this cream, it became better. In addition, I bought three bottles. The price is a bit more expensive, but immediately you can not see any effect.The second time was a successful result.

Japanese Customer#002

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

My hair does not disappear.

【By Google Auto Translation】
My hair does not disappear. The following hair does not get wet. The hair removal method is slightly different. I think it's good. Apply, wait, erase (wash off) It does not make it troublesome.

Japanese Customer#001

Post date:6/06/2019 Thursday

My skin looks translucent

【By Google Auto Translation】
I was very surprised by the effect of this pineapple soy cream! Many times I was hit by a razor, and I heard that you can get dark spots from losing a razor. Regardless of the review I bought it. As I thought, there is no annoyance. There is also a good effect. My skin looks translucent. It's up to you to choose this cream.


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