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The world's first lotion that
reduces the growth of unwanted hair that doesn’t grow back! 

Hair inhibitor-
and Soy Milk

hair inhibitor

Hair Inhibitor Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion, made in Japan, use daily, reduces hair growth, all skin types, kids friendly, face, body, 100 ml

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  • Why we‘re worth it!

    • Long-time favorites: Long-time sellers for over 10 years and boasting an accumulated sales of over 5 million units.

      Thorough hair-removal:  Contains hair-removing and hair-inhibiting substances

      Gentle on the skin : Contains 7 types of herbs and skin moisturizing substances

      Reliable and Safe :  Featured in medical journals and approved by dermatologists

      Suitable for all skin-types : Safe to use on sensitive skin and pubic areas.

Suitable for
  • Suitable for the whole family

    • Suitable for men

      Suitable for toddlers

      Suitable for teens

  • Hair Inhibitor Lotion

    • Why is it good for unwanted hairs and the skin?
      The 2 high-purity isoflavone and pomegranate extract derived from soy bean and iris contained in the Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion works on unwanted hair while leading to a feminine skin giving it a dewy and smooth texture.
      How should I use it?
      Please apply the lotion once a day on clean skin after bathing.
      It will be easier for the lotion to penetrate when applying on skin free of clogged pores and sebum.
      It is ideal to apply well after taking care of yourself.
      How long should I apply?
      First, please use for about 3 months.
      Results may vary from person to person, continuing as much as possible diligent daily care is the best short cut to results.
      Must I continue to apply?
      We recommend daily care. After not applying for 3~4 moths, there are some people who find “daily care troublesome”. It can be used as a skin toner filled with beautification ingredients, Therefore we recommend continued daily care.
      What is the most effective way to use?
      Please apply once a day after bathing on clean skin. It is easier for the lotion to penetrate when applied on skin free of clogged pores and sebum. Please apply multiple coats on areas that concern you. Also, by periodically taking care of unwanted hairs, the lotion will reach the skin in depth (stratum corneum) and work firmly on unwanted hairs.
      What happens if I apply on hair or eyebrows?
      Applying on hair, eyebrows or eyelashes is not a problem.
      Since the ingredients will not affect hairs from the nose up, you can use on the whole body without worry.
      Can I use while pregnant?
      Yes, you can use it. Since it is a skin toner, you can use as usual.
      ※But, for those who are worried or have previously experienced troubles with other skin toners, we recommend that you do a patch test beforehand.
      I would like to try it on other family members, can men and children use it?
      Yes, it can be used. Regardless of age and gender, it is being used by a wide range of persons with trouble with unwanted hairs. We also recommend it for the daily care of children with sensitive skin and men’s after shave care.
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Passed efficacy

evaluation tests!

※It is a popular series product selling a cumulative total of more than 5.23 million.

Our Hair Inhibitor Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion
is recommended for the following:

1. You have sensitive skin and get bad reactions with shavers
2. You are looking for a gentle hair-removal solution for your child
3. You want and easier maintenance for coarse hair
4. You want an after-lotion for hair-removal by wax

The more you use it, the better the results!
Here are what some of our users of the Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion have to say.

I bought it because I was concerned about the dryness and rough skin on my hands and legs after hair-removal.
It felt refreshing on my skin. After using it for a week, my skin doesn’t feel as rough. So far, I feel that this is the best aftercare lotion and will continue using it.-Anonymous Customer
So smooth!!
I was looking for something gentle that was suitable for my elementary school daughter’s skin. I used it on her legs and was able to remove the unwanted hair without experiencing damage to the skin. I also used it on the darkened area of my skin, and I believe that the unwanted hair has gotten finer. Above all, I am happy that my skin feels so smooth.Even I, who has sensitive skin, was able to use it! -Akikko, 40s, female
The unwanted hair has gotten finer
Since using this lotion, I don’t have to shave as often. Before using the lotion, I shaved in the morning, but my beard would grow back so quickly that my mask would get caught on it in the evening. Since using the lotion, it doesn’t grow back in the evenings. -Anonymous Customer
My skin condition has improved
Previously when I would remove unwanted hair I would damage my skin, so was looking for something more gentle and came across this so I purchase it. I like how I can simply apply it on areas such as my back and armpits which are hard to shave. Before using this lotion I was conscious of my coarse hair, but I feel that the hair is getting finer little by little. I like how it is gentle on the skin and pain-free. -Mimi, 20s, female
I have allergies and atopic dermatitis.
Up until now, anything I used would cause rashes and would sting, but I finally found a product that suits me! I plan to introduce it to my niece too. Thank you very much! -Anonymous Customer
Awesome product for kids
I was at my wits end as to how to address the excessive hair the my 6 yr old daughter had on her back arms and legs. She was going for swimming classes and gymnastics and was now becoming aware that something s different .One day she made a comment that some friend told her "she has too much hair". I did tons of research I am a physician who does integrative medicine and kept on looking .one day i stumbled on this product. I am so grateful i bought this . Without causing any harm or making an issue about it i applied it on her back arms and legs and she has had a dramatic result !!! she hates the smell but it works . i have 6 extra boltles with me ..just incase .its the best there is .... -sv
The Miracle I was looking for
I have been looking for a hair removal solution for my 12 year old daughter the past year and tried so many different products. She has very delicate skin and every hair removal cream I have tried and waxing has damaged her delicate skin. Upon researching and reading about the history behind how this product was made I really had to try it. It worked. No irritation and my daughter is so happy. She is only 12 but has a lot of hair growth. This has helped with her confidence. Thank you so much. It is the best product ever. Have already bought a few more tubes to keep her going and the lotion. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try. -Betty
It has been about 6 weeks since I started using the lotion. My skin looks smooth after the shave. It doesn't feel rough either. N.K.

I don't have any prickly hairs or dark spots. T.M.

※The photograph is an image.
※Opinions reflected in the reviews are strictly personal views and effects may differ from each individual.

Soybean extract is proven to have positive effects
in reducing the growth of unwanted hair.

Using skin toners and lotions that contain Soybean that are rich with Isoflavone will enable you to maintain beautiful skin as well as taking care of unwanted hair.

Demo Video

Hair removal Demo Video

Introduced by a popular YouTuber

Hair removal Demo Video

How to Use

Cumulated total of the product series is over 5 million, proving its performance.
Magnificent records of reaching 1st place 33 times in the ranking of hair removal care products

Awarded 1st place 33 times
in the ranking of hair removal care products
  • Rakuten RANKING NO.1
    Rakuten ranking
    Shaving Products category
    Awarded for 14 straight weeks from Jul/24/2017
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  • Rakuten RANKING NO.1
    Rakuten ranking
    Shaving Lotion category
    Awarded for 14 straight weeks from Apr/24/2017
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  • Rakuten RANKING NO.1
    Rakuten ranking
    Body Care Products category
    Daily ranking of Body Care Products category on Aug/11/2017
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  • Yahoo! shopping NO.1
    Yahoo! Shopping
    Top selling products
    Weekly ranking of Body Care/Other Body Care Products category
    The 1st in total (as of Feb/6/2017)
  • Yahoo! shopping NO.1
    Yahoo! Shopping
    Top selling products
    Depilatory Lotion category
    The 1st in total (as of Aug/2/2017)
  • Yahoo! shopping NO.1
    Yahoo! Shopping
    Top selling products
    Other Depilatory and Hair Removal Products category
    The 1st in total (as of Aug/7/2017)

How can hair be inhibited by a lotion?

What are the secrets of inhibiting hair with a lotion?

Two kinds of isoflavone derived from soybean and iris are the primary factors. These ingredients penetrate into the stratum corneum, making your skin feel soft and smooth.
Soybean extract contains isoflavone of 99.7% purity. Isoflavone, similar to estrogen that maintains femininity, is a natural ingredient that helps inhibiting unwanted hair. It works on unwanted hair on the upper lip where more androgen is said to be.
Other ingredients such as pineapple extract and papain enzyme work on the skin itself and remove dead skin cells and keratotic plugs, making the skin soft and radiant.

  1. 1Ingredients for removing unwanted hair
    Soybean extract
    Soybean isoflavone works on your skin to help inhibiting unwanted hair, making your skin smooth and soft.
    Iris extract
    Helps inhibit unwanted hair, smoothens skin texture and makes skin plump and resilient.
    Pomegranate extract
    Helps inhibit unwanted hair and makes skin resilient and radiant.
    Pineapple extract
    Helps inhibit unwanted hair and makes skin smooth and shiny.
    Papain enzyme
    Supports the functions of hair inhibit ingredients and makes skin smooth.
    Soy milk fermentation liquor
    Provides moisture to the skin and tones up the skin.
  2. 2Delivers effectively to the skin
    Enhances skin penetration of the lotion and keeps skin healthy and smooth.
  3. 3Helps skin penetration of active ingredients
    Removes sebum and dirt from the skin surface.
    Dirt on skin
    Dirt on skin

    Ethanol removes dirt off the skin surface and Cosmoperine helps penetrate active ingredients deep into the skin (stratum corneum).

    Actions of pineapple extract and papain enzyme
Whatever expensive cosmetic you use,
it would be meaningless if it doesn’t reach the deep skin layers.

Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion contains Cosmoperine derived from black pepper which improves the skin penetration of the other ingredients. Cosmoperine highly enhances the penetration of the active ingredients deep into the skin (stratum corneum), increasing their performances.
In addition to that, two kinds of fruit-derived enzymes extracted from pineapples and papayas work on the unwanted hair, degrading the protein. Through many years of research, these ingredients are known to have effects on unwanted hair.

Hair inhibitor-Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion
reduces the growth of unwanted hair,
leaving your skin feeling perfectly smooth and soft.
It is suitable for sensitive skin,
children and for the bikini line.
Try our lotion on your skin and feel the effect.

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How to use Apply once a day on clean skin after taking a bath. Using it on skin that is without dirt or oil will enable the lotion to penetrate deep into the skin, and helps prevent the growth of unwanted hair. Apply thickly to areas that you want to take care of in particular.
Ingredients Water, ethanol, Soybean seed extract, mandarin orange peel extract, soy milk fermented liquid, iris root extract, tetrahydropiperine, pineapple fruit extract, pomegranate peel extract, papain, carbomer, sodium alginate, BG, pentylene glycol, methyl paraben, 【Contents】100ml (lasts for approx. a month when used on lower parts of both arms.)
Use on Can be used on the whole body such as arm pits, arms, legs, and face. This is a simple lotion that helps prevent the growth of unwanted hair. It can be used on the whole body such as arm pits, arms, legs, and baby-hairs on the face. The very fine Isoflavone conditions the skin and gives a transparent look.

Get perfect skin using Pineapple and
Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream together with
Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion

Removing unwanted hair will become drastically easier by using the Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream and Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion together. Using these products together can decrease the use of Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream to once every other week and then eventually to once every month.

You just have to follow these 2 steps. 【Remove unwanted hair】using Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream and 【Reduce the growth of unwanted hair】using Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion.

Take out unwanted hair STEP 1 SPECIAL CARE
Remove unwanted hair
using Pineapple and Soy
Milk Hair Removal Cream.
Using shavers or tweezers can damage your skin but our Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is gentle to the skin and clears away your unwanted hair without damaging it.
Remove Unwanted Hair

Using only the hair removal cream
will make hair grow back.

Care for unwanted hair STEP 2 DAILY CARE
After removal, reduce the
growth of unwanted hair using Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion.
Skin without unwanted hair improves the penetration of the lotion, providing a positive effect on your skin. The amount of the lotion you use is important for experiencing best results. To achieve smooth and soft skin with perfect texture, use an adequate number of bottles for each body part.
Reduce the Growth of
Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair disturbs the
penetration of the lotion.

Makes maintenance of your unwanted hair much easier!
You can reduce the frequency of
hair removal while experiencing a positive effect

Reviews on this item

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Post date:10/03/2020 Tuesday

good for delicate skin!

I had no trouble, thanks!

Japanese Customer#020

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

Sensitive skin but no problem

【By Google Auto Translation】
I fee like my skin is getting smooth. I have sensitive skin, but I can use it without any problem.

Japanese Customer#019

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

I have a good feeling

【By Google Auto Translation】
I do not care about the smell, and my skin is moist and very good after hair removal!

Japanese Customer#018

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

I feel like my hair is getting thinner

【By Google Auto Translation】
After wax depilation I use it in the evening ang morning. Certainly I feel that the unwanted hair is getting thinner.As I use it only for my arms I can use it more than 1 month.

Japanese Customer#017

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

I am satisfied

【By Google Auto Translation】
For a long years I have been sufferng from pain and scratching skin because of sun- tan and shaving. After removing my hair with cream, I applied this lotion three times, and the skin became incredibly moist! I was impressed because I did not think that this would happen on the first day!

Japanese Customer#016

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday


【By Google Auto Translation】
I use this cream for my elbow and below knee area. Because of Atopic skin the shaving becomes more stronger and deeply. But used it the skin became smooth.

Japanese Customer#015

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

I use this depilation cream at the same time

【By Google Auto Translation】
When I am having the bath I use this cream. It has been a one week since I used it, but my hair definitely not thinner.

Japanese Customer#029

Post date:13/06/2019 Thursday

Making my skin even smoother

【By Google Auto Translation】I believe I started using the "Pineapple Soy Milk Lotion" in the summer, and I liked how smooth it made my skin feel after using it. There was no problem with my skin, which I was worried about, and I was happy to see that I could continue using it. Using it in conjunction with the "Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream" from the same product line made my skin even smoother. I can feel how smooth my skin is by touching it with my hands.

Japanese Customer#014

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

I like it very much

【By Google Auto Translation】
After having a bath I always use this lotion.
The skin is smooth and comfortable to use. I also want to expect the effect of hair loss.

Japanese Customer#013

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

I am a regular user of this cream

【By Google Auto Translation】
Besides this product we do not use another products. All family use this cream.

Japanese Customer#012

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

Release from the trouble of unwanted hair

【By Google Auto Translation】
I used to use my own lotion before. I really didn't get any unwanted hair while using it.However it got rot.
I hope that I will be free from the troubles of unwanted hair with this lotion! I think the comfort is very good. I don't care too much about ethanol.

Japanese Customer#011

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

Safe for your skin

【By Google Auto Translation】
There are a lot of cosmetics which contains strange medicins,I think about skin trouble and safety. { Without any problems}, { Focused on safety}...The price may be high, but safety is the top priority.

Japanese Customer#010

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

My skin became beautiful

【By Google Auto Translation】
After continuing the life without using any lotion at least one year, I continued to use this lotion, and I feel that the fine lines have been reduced compared to the time when I did not use any lotion at all. I purchased for measures against unnecessary hair of limbs, but am glad that good effect appears on the face.

Japanese Customer#009

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday


【By Google Auto Translation】
I bought it for my granddaughter. The result was outstanding. Because I did not want to use the one with a strong stimulus, this one is good. The natural ingredients made the skin smooth and the dark hairs disappeared, and it was more than I thought.

Japanese Customer#007

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

I bought it again

【By Google Auto Translation】
Last year in August I bought this for my daughter. And she asked me to buy again.

Japanese Customer#007

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

gentle on children's skin

【By Google Auto Translation】
My elementary school daughter is using this cream. After entering elementary school she started think about her unwanted hair. Since she became 5th grade student, I'm trying this product for her, thinking that it will make the unwanted hair even less noticeable without shaving. There is no skin trouble so far, she use it every day after bath.

Japanese Customer#006

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

Even the price is expensive it has an effect

【By Google Auto Translation】
I have been using this about 3 month. Definitely my beard is getting thinner!
In the past, even if I shaved my beard at around 9 o'clock, it was stretched so I could see it around 21:00.
It has become so unnoticeable now!

Japanese Customer#005

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

The skin care effect with unnecessary hair care

【By Google Auto Translation】
Recommended by acquaintances, I purchased it with pineapple soy milk depilatory cream..I use it every day after bath about one month. Now I feel that my body hair growth is slower than before.Moreover,I feel my skin is smooth and bright. I will continue use this product to get skin care effect.

Japanese Customer#004

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday


【By Google Auto Translation】
It feels more comfortable than I thought, and my hair is getting thinner!

Japanese Customer#003

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

I am surprised

【By Google Auto Translation】
I was annoyed with unwanted hair, but it was annoying and I had to leave it. When I used pineapple soy milk lotion little by little my hair became thin. I am surprised that the hair has become less noticeable, even though I sometimes forget to use it. Even for me who is troublesome, I keep using this lotion.

Japanese Customer#002

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

I recommend it

【By Google Auto Translation】
I use this for my hair under my knee. Because of repeatedly shaving my skin got itch and pimples. When I use pineapple soy milk lotion, my skin got the plump and soft texture in this place. I was sufferd for along years now I am really happy. I'm recommending to my boyfriend who suffers from rough skin after shaving.

Japanese Customer#001

Post date:7/06/2019 Friday

From now on I want to use it.

【By Google Auto Translation】
I was looking for a product with moisturizing and whitening effects in the delicate zone and I purchased this. I have been using it for about 2 weeks, but it looks like the darkening of the delicate zone has been slightly eliminated. I think it is important to continue using it, so I would like to continue using it from now on.


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