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DIY Hair Removal Combo Pack - Cream and Lotion, use in conjunction for best results, all skin types, includes:Cream×2,Lotion×2 +1 of your choice

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  • Hair Removal Cream

    • About how long does it take to show effect?
      It depends on the hairs quality and environment.
      Our Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is safe to be used on the bikini line. This is the ’V‘ shaped area in the pubic area. Refrain from using the product on the inner parts (vaginal area) or behind (anal area) that are lined with mucous membranes. This product contains Calcium Thioglycolate which is a hair-removal component that is recognized as a quasi-drug ingredient. This substance may cause inflammation when coming in contact with the sensitive mucous membranes. We at Suzuki Herb Lab want our customers to use our products at ease without having to experience skin problems, and therefore do not recommend the use of our products on the more sensitive parts of the pubic area (vaginal and anal).
      Does it work on dense unwanted hair and hard unwanted hair?
      It is effective on all types of unwanted hair.
      How often should I use it?
      Please use whenever the unwanted hairs bother you.。
      I would like to let my child use it?
      Though the cream is gentle on the skin, on some rare occasions skin problems may occur.
      For children and persons with sensitive skin, please be sure to perform a patch test before using.
      Can I use during pregnancy?
      Please refrain from using during pregnancy and after childbirth as the skin is very delicate.To take care of unwanted hair while caring about skin condition, we recommend the Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion.
      Does it have an expiration date?
      It can be kept 3 years unopened. Once opened, please use as soon as possible and avoid humidity and high temperatures. If the preservation state is good, it can be kept for up to 6 months.
      Removing a large amount of unwanted hairs, will it not damage the skin?
      Because it uses “Calcium Thioglycollate” which takes care of unwanted hair while being gentle on the skin, you can use it without damaging your skin.
      I was not able to take care of unwanted hairs successfully…
      How to apply cream and application time is important. Did you put the cream thoroughly and evenly? Wait another 3 minutes then reapply the cream using the spatula. This way it will work all the way to the depths of the pores making unwanted hair removal easier.
      Can I use it in the bath?
      Yes. You can use it in the bath without problem. But, the effect may be diminished if used on wet skin, therefore please use when your skin is dry.
      Can I use skin toner after hair removal?
      Yes, we recommend that you do aftercare with skin toner after hair removal. Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is blended with beautification ingredients but the treated skin tends to be delicate. For those who are worried, we recommend that you apply after letting your skin rest. From the same series, use “Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion” for better effect.
      What areas can the hair-removal cream be used on?
      Underarms, back, arms, fingers, legs, bikini line Refrain from using on scalp, facial area and other delicate areas. If the cream comes in contact with the eye, nose or mouth, please wash it out immediately and speak to a medical specialist..
  • Hair Inhibitor Lotion

    • Why is it good for unwanted hairs and the skin?
      The 2 high-purity isoflavone and pomegranate extract derived from soy bean and iris contained in the Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion works on unwanted hair while leading to a feminine skin giving it a dewy and smooth texture.
      How should I use it?
      Please apply the lotion once a day on clean skin after bathing.
      It will be easier for the lotion to penetrate when applying on skin free of clogged pores and sebum.
      It is ideal to apply well after taking care of yourself.
      How long should I apply?
      First, please use for about 3 months.
      Results may vary from person to person, continuing as much as possible diligent daily care is the best short cut to results.
      Must I continue to apply?
      We recommend daily care. After not applying for 3~4 moths, there are some people who find “daily care troublesome”. It can be used as a skin toner filled with beautification ingredients, Therefore we recommend continued daily care.
      What is the most effective way to use?
      Please apply once a day after bathing on clean skin. It is easier for the lotion to penetrate when applied on skin free of clogged pores and sebum. Please apply multiple coats on areas that concern you. Also, by periodically taking care of unwanted hairs, the lotion will reach the skin in depth (stratum corneum) and work firmly on unwanted hairs.
      What happens if I apply on hair or eyebrows?
      Applying on hair, eyebrows or eyelashes is not a problem.
      Since the ingredients will not affect hairs from the nose up, you can use on the whole body without worry.
      Can I use while pregnant?
      Yes, you can use it. Since it is a skin toner, you can use as usual.
      ※But, for those who are worried or have previously experienced troubles with other skin toners, we recommend that you do a patch test beforehand.
      I would like to try it on other family members, can men and children use it?
      Yes, it can be used. Regardless of age and gender, it is being used by a wide range of persons with trouble with unwanted hairs. We also recommend it for the daily care of children with sensitive skin and men’s after shave care.

+1 Product

  • Quantity
Passed efficacy

evaluation tests!

Achieve smooth and hair-free skin in no time by using our Cream and Lotion in conjunction

Cream and Lotion in conjunction


Lotion usage: 2-3 times a day. e.g. in the morning and after bathing.
Cream usage: Once every 10 - 14 days.

Hair removal result

Recommended by popular Japanese YouTuber!

HANNAH, a popular YouTuber in Japan, recommended our products. She talks about these unique strengths.

Demo Video

Hair removal Demo Video

Removes and inhibits the growth of unwanted hair

After removing the unwanted hair with the Cream, apply the Lotion to inhibit the hair from growing back. Hair-free skin increases the ability of the Lotion to permeate the skin, and thus increases its effectiveness. The necessity of the hair-removal will gradually decrease, making it easier to maintain hair-free smooth skin! Safe for children and those with sensitive skin.

Take out unwanted hair STEP 1 SPECIAL CARE
Remove unwanted hair
using Pineapple and Soy
Milk Hair Removal Cream.
Using shavers or tweezers can damage your skin but our Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is gentle to the skin and clears away your unwanted hair without damaging it.
Remove Unwanted Hair

Using only the hair removal cream
will make hair grow back.

Care for unwanted hair STEP 2 DAILY CARE
After removal, reduce the
growth of unwanted hair using Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion.
Skin without unwanted hair improves the penetration of the lotion, providing a positive effect on your skin. The amount of the lotion you use is important for experiencing best results. To achieve smooth and soft skin with perfect texture, use an adequate number of bottles for each body part.
Reduce the Growth of
Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair disturbs the
penetration of the lotion.

Makes maintenance of your unwanted hair much easier!
You can reduce the frequency of
hair removal while experiencing a positive effect

Pain-free hair removal
for sensitive skin!
Achieve the perfect hair-free skin!

and Soy Milk
Hair Removal

Ideal for those with sensitive skin! The carefully selected
7 herbal extracts
will prevent inflammation.

7 kinds of herb extracts are newly added for reducing irritation to the skin!
Plant-derived ingredients improve gentleness to the skin.
This hair removal cream is recommended for people
who are concerned about skin problems caused by hair removal creams.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory aims at providing products gentle on the skin and suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, we hear concerns of some of our customers, some of which have sensitive skin and hesitate to use hair removal cream. This is how we conceived the idea of making something that was suitable for everyone. Our desire led to this gentle-on-the-skin hair removal cream.

Contains 7 kinds of herb extract!

Significantly reduced the distinctive smell of hair removal creams!

  • Centella asiatica extractCentella asiatica extract
  • Scutellaria extractScutellaria extract
  • Polygonum cuspidatum extractPolygonum cuspidatum extract
  • Rosemary leaf extractRosemary leaf extract
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra extractGlycyrrhiza glabra extract
  • Camellia sinensis leaf extractCamellia sinensis leaf extract
  • Chamomilla recutita flower extractChamomilla recutita flower extract
Contains soybean extract that makes
the unwanted hair removal easier!

Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream contains soybean extract including isoflavone with 99.7% purity. Isoflavone, similar to estrogen that supports femininity, is a natural ingredient that removes unwanted hair. Your unwanted-hair removal gets easier and easier as you keep on using the cream.

How can hair be inhibit by a lotion?

What are the secrets of inhibit hair with a lotion?

Two kinds of isoflavone derived from soybean and iris are the primary factors. These ingredients penetrate into the stratum corneum, making your skin feel soft and smooth.
Soybean extract contains isoflavone of 99.7% purity. Isoflavone, similar to estrogen that maintains femininity, is a natural ingredient that helps inhibiting unwanted hair. It works on unwanted hair on the upper lip where more androgen is said to be.
Other ingredients such as pineapple extract and papain enzyme work on the skin itself and remove dead skin cells and keratotic plugs, making the skin soft and radiant.

  1. 1Ingredients for removing unwanted hair
    Soybean extract
    Soybean isoflavone works on your skin to help inhibiting unwanted hair, making your skin smooth and soft.
    Iris extract
    Helps inhibit unwanted hair, smoothens skin texture and makes skin plump and resilient.
    Pomegranate extract
    Helps inhibit unwanted hair and makes skin resilient and radiant.
    Pineapple extract
    Helps inhibit unwanted hair and makes skin smooth and shiny.
    Papain enzyme
    Supports the functions of hair inhibit ingredients and makes skin smooth.
    Soy milk fermentation liquor
    Provides moisture to the skin and tones up the skin.
  2. 2Delivers effectively to the skin
    Enhances skin penetration of the lotion and keeps skin healthy and smooth.
  3. 3Helps skin penetration of active ingredients
    Removes sebum and dirt from the skin surface.
    Dirt on skin
    Dirt on skin

    Ethanol removes dirt off the skin surface and Cosmoperine helps penetrate active ingredients deep into the skin (stratum corneum).

    Actions of pineapple extract and papain enzyme
Whatever expensive cosmetic you use,
it would be meaningless if it doesn’t reach the deep skin layers.

Pineapple and Soy Milk Lotion contains Cosmoperine derived from black pepper which improves the skin penetration of the other ingredients. Cosmoperine highly enhances the penetration of the active ingredients deep into the skin (stratum corneum), increasing their performances.
In addition to that, two kinds of fruit-derived enzymes extracted from pineapples and papayas work on the unwanted hair, degrading the protein. Through many years of research, these ingredients are known to have effects on unwanted hair.

Ingredients (Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream)

How to use Apply cream directly from the tube onto the area that you wish to remove hair from. Spread it evenly with the spatula and wait 5-10 minutes.
When the time is up, gently remove the cream with a tissue or towel. Wash off any left-over cream with soap.
※It will be difficult to achieve good results when the cream is used on wet skin, so make sure to apply it on dry skin.
Contents 230g (lasts for approx. 4 applications, when used on lower parts of both arms), spatula included.
Use on armpits, arms, legs, bikini-line

Ingredients (Hair inhibitor Pineapple Soy Milk Lotion)

How to use Apply once a day on clean skin after taking a bath. Using it on skin that is without dirt or oil will enable the lotion to penetrate deep into the skin, and helps prevent the growth of unwanted hair. Apply thickly to areas that you want to take care of in particular.
Ingredients Water, ethanol, Soybean seed extract, mandarin orange peel extract, soy milk fermented liquid, iris root extract, tetrahydropiperine, pineapple fruit extract, pomegranate peel extract, papain, carbomer, sodium alginate, BG, pentylene glycol, methyl paraben, 【Contents】100ml (lasts for approx. a month when used on lower parts of both arms.)
Use on Can be used on the whole body such as arm pits, arms, legs, and face. This is a simple lotion that helps prevent the growth of unwanted hair. It can be used on the whole body such as arm pits, arms, legs, and baby-hairs on the face. The very fine Isoflavone conditions the skin and gives a transparent look.

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Post date:9/10/2022 Sunday

awesome product foe kids

I was at my wits end as to how to address the excessive hair the my 6 yr old daughter had on her back arms and legs. She was going for swimming classes and gymnastics and was now becoming aware that something s different .One day she made a comment that some friend told her "she has too much hair". I did tons of research I am a physician who does integrative medicine and kept on looking .one day i stumbled on this product. I am so grateful i bought this . Without causing any harm or making an issue about it i applied it on her back arms and legs and she has had a dramatic result !!! she hates the smell but it works . i have 6 extra boltles with me ..just incase .its the best there is ....


Post date:25/09/2022 Sunday

The Miracle I was looking for

I have been looking for a hair removal solution for my 12 year old daughter the past year and tried so many different products. She has very delicate skin and every hair removal cream I have tried and waxing has damaged her delicate skin. Upon researching and reading about the history behind how this product was made I really had to try it. It worked. No irritation and my daughter is so happy. She is only 12 but has a lot of hair growth. This has helped with her confidence. Thank you so much. It is the best product ever. Have already bought a few more tubes to keep her going and the lotion. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try.


Post date:7/04/2022 Thursday

Product review

I have only just started using my products, but I have noticed that the hair removal cream is particularly effective.
I also was pleased with the presentation of the products, the instructions for use and the messages from the brand.
An extra nice touch was the inclusion of postcards made from a group of people with disabilities-they are lovely.
I am in Australia and rarely do we get as much effort in our purchases.
Great experience, thank you

kiran kaur

Post date:25/10/2021 Monday

works great !

I used this cream and works magically. it has reduced the hair growth and I am a regular user now.

Willa Wang

Post date:17/08/2021 Tuesday

Surprisingly Effective!

I was expecting this to be mildly effective at best, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the toner worked. However, I have to say that the hair removal cream wasn't as effective as I was expecting.


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